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#CantStandBy Library

  • #CantStandBy Non-violent Civil Resistance Network Manual

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  • Related to CSB

George Orwell (Hopes Lies In The Proles):

Simple Sabotage Field Manual:

Boots Riley speaks at Marxism 2014:

Peter Camejo:

Jim Poe:

Carlo Sands:

Gaye Demanuele:

Everyone Can Do Some Think:"Resources, provocations and practical things for action, ‘cos the world doesn’t just get better / stop getting worse on its own.

We embrace a diversity of abilities, tactics and approaches. We know everyone has a place in the struggle. We’re here to encourage people to realise their own power & support them to discover the ways they can best contribute."
Tom Clift:

Behrouz Boochani exposed Australia's evil on Manus. The shame will outlive us all.
Richard Flanagan
  • Stuff about CSB specifically

Prepare & Repair : taking action & keeping safe at rallies, protests & direct actions…/the-refugee-rights…/
  • CSB videos

  1. Stronger Than Them

    A flier for the upcoming CantStandBy national day of action.
  2.  #CantStandBy: Ending Refugee Detention in Australia

    This is the video that started it all. It focuses mainly on explaining specifically how the network functions.

  3. #CantStandBy #CloseTheCamps
    More focused on the role of individuals in the network.
  4.  CSB: The First Five Months
    This was the most organically popular, when it was released in large part, we think, because it was one of the first times the network had seen itself reflected back in some collective way.
  5. You Have To Stop Traffic
    This is just a good introduction to the concepts of civil disobedience. There is an article which goes into much greater detail about the relationship between CSB and the political strategy outlined by Martin Luther King in his letter from Birmingham jail.…/political-arguments-fo…
  6. Can't Stand By - See you on the streets

    This is a superbly filmed CSB promo video. If you have no ideas for what to do at a rallying point, this is a good type of action to try to copy. People don't have to hold the road unless you feel able to.
  7. #CantStandBy #Disrupt2017
    Instructional video for upcoming #CentralStationActions

    This is where the videos start to deviate from purely conveying the ideas in the #CantStandBy network manual and venture into political analysis. You do not have to agree with anything in these videos to participate in the network. CSB supporters are invited to make their own media in response. The popular stuff people will like. The unpopular stuff people will ignore. But it won't change the collective agreement spelled out in the network manual.

    The following videos help to explain was mass nonviolent civil resistance is our only hope – the Labor Party isn't coming to the rescue. They work best in this order.

  8. Leaving The Past
  9. Better Call Get Up: Human Rights Criminals In Australia
  10. Capitalism, Whiteness and Refugees

  11. Not technically a CSB video but amazing...

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